Blue is not the only thing new at Rainbo Lanes

Lanes are getting a new look.

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — Rainbo Lanes is changing from pink to blue.

But that’s not all.

Bill Burke and John Goodman came to Elkhart expecting to purchase the remnants of a 50-year-old bowling alley and wound up with so much more.

The two Angola residents came to Rainbo Lanes auction looking for items for Angola Bowl, a facility Burke has owned for five years.

When Burke and Goodman learned that things at the 55,000-square foot property on Middlebury Street were not being pieced out and seeing “endless potential” in the eastside facility, the businessmen bought the place from the Ronald Grose estate in March.

“We’d just hate to see this place close and have the building torn down,” said Burke. “Every person who comes in, it seems, has an amazing story about this place.”

Since the purchase, Burke, Goodman and two part-time employees have set about making constant improvements and changes to the bowling and family fun center.

One of the obvious cosmetic changes is the color of the exterior. Slowly, but surely, the color is changing from its familiar pink to a light blue hue.

“We want the business to stand out, not the color,” said Burke, who also hopes to renovate the iconic outdoor sign.

Rainbo Lanes has 32 bowling lanes, 11 pool tables, several video games has just completed “The Arena,” a room for live entertainment and private parties.

The partners have sunk their cash into automatic scoring and new synthentic surfaces for all lanes and a full-service pro shop — all things that are on the way. So is “Cosmic Bowling,” karaoke and a restaurant.

“We have something to prove,” said Burke. “We have to give (the public) a reason to come back. Once they see we’re serious and we are making the improvements that we promised, they’ll come back.”

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