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City Golf New tee times set for Saturday’s final round

Wet conditions caused event to extend to second weekend.
Posted on July 4, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — The final round of the Greater Elkhart Men’s Golf Championships is scheduled for Saturday, July 6, at Christiana Creek Country Club.

Rain last Sunday made postponement and the re-drawing of final-round tee times necessary. The leaders will be in the last group.

The new tee times appear below.

Greater Elkhart Men’s Champioinships

Saturday at Christiana Creek

Country Club, Elkhart

8 a.m. — Tim Emmons, Dan Watson, John Altum, Colin Dorsam.

8:10 — Greg Byrkett, Ed Freel, Robert Dorsam, Bobby Brewers.

8:20 — Randy McDowell, Jeff Hoeppner, Phillip Frampton, Ron Oldenburg.

8:30 — Robbie Wilson, Jim Lindsey, Mike Lapp.

8:40 — Ray Reed, Mike Keagle, Schmille Barhams.

8:50 — Rock Mohr, Mark Chapman, Carl Craig, Cobey Bartlett.

9:10 — Jeff Magyar, Max Keagle, George Anagnos.

9:20 — Kevin Lower, Robert Stratton, Alan Griffin, Tony Magyar.

9:30 — Robert Stockman, A.J. Rodino, Don Smead, Thy Moen.

9:40 — Derek Hawn, Jason Timm, John Zerbe.

9:50 — Mitchell Wilson, Bryan Russell, Jake Stephenson.

10 a.m. — Steve Campbell, Doug Snyder, Don DuBois.

10:10 — Derek Bryant, Corey Weaver, Gary Martin, Geoff Hahn.

10:30 — Alejandro Genis, Chad Sotebeer, Ed Mast.

10:40 — Michael Foy, Dan Demeyer, Rodney Huffman.

10:50 — Chris Horoky, Ryan Ullery, Tim Johnson, Bill Searcy.

11:00 — Nate Maloney, Braden Sherwood, Dave Shenk, Sam Rodino.

11:10 — Jim Stansbury, Lance McKinney, A.J. Sandlin, Dennis Tucker.

11:20 — Alex Brosh, Riley Keagle, Brian Checkley, Austin Tevlin.

11:30 — Kurt Hand, Bill Marcin, Frank Iavagnilio, Nick Foy.

11:50 — Mark Landis, Patrick Bailey, Brian Denny.

Noon — Scott Watson, Neil Farr, Rhett Holaway.

12:10 — Payton Grubbs, Logan McBride, Matt Peterson.

12:20 — Matt Dutton, Zach Hochstedler, Patrick Mohan, Jon Bonfiglio.

12:30 — Kyle Miller, Brody Fischer, Dan Hood, Brock Zeeb.

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