Miller holds lead but Zeeb is lurking

Miller leads by two heading into the final day.

Posted on June 29, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

MIDDLEBURY — Brock Zeeb opened the Greater Elkhart Men’s Golf Championship by shooting a disappointing round of 76 and sat five shots behind co-leaders Kyle Miller and Dan Hood.

But after shooting the only sub-par round of the day on Saturday, June 29, Zeeb not only joined the final foursome for the final round, but also picked up two strokes on Miller and is now within three shots of the lead.

The final round is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Sunday, on what promises to be a very soggy Christiana Creek Country Club course. The leaders will tee-off at 12:40 p.m.

Zeeb shot a two-under 70 on Saturday to jump over five golfers and put himself in contention to win the title.

Miller, playing his usual brand of consistent golf, shot an even-par 72 at the Meadow Valley Golf Club on Saturday and his two-round total of 143 is two shots better than Hood and Brody Fischer.

Miller is trying to win his second straight Elkhart title to go along with the two Goshen City championships he owns.

Hood shot a two-over 74 on Saturday, while Fischer was one shot better at 73. Matt Dutton sits one shot behind Zeeb with his two-day total of 147, while recent Fairfield High grad Zach Hochstetler shot a 73 on Saturday and is five shots out of the lead with a 148.

Among the flight leaders are Kurt Hand in First Flight, Chris Horoky in Second Flight, Derek Bryant — who owns just a one shot lead over Corey Weaver — in the Third Flight, Robert Stockman in Fourth Flight, Rock Mohr in Fifth Flight and Randy McDowell in a tightly-bunched Sixth Flight. McDowell leads Jeff Hoeppner by one stroke and Phillip Frampton by three heading into the final round.

Greater Elkhart Men’s Golf Championship

Championship Flight

Kyle Miller 71-72-143

Brody Fischer 72-73-145

Dan Hood 71-74-145

Brock Zeeb 76-70-146

Matt Dutton 74-73-147

Zach Hochstedler 75-73-148

Patrick Mohan 76-73-149

Chris Elledge 75-76-151

Jon Bonfiglio 74-78-152

Payton Grubbs 77-75-152

Logan McBride 76-79-155

Matt Peterson 78-78-156

Scott Watson 81-75-156

Neil Farr 83-79-162

Rhett Holaway 78-86-164

Mark Landis 82-83-165

Patrick Bailey 85-85-170

Brian Denny 87-84-171

Eric Lebold 73-WD

First Flight

Kurt Hand 76-75-151

Frank Iavagnilio 73-81-154

Bill Marcin 75-78-154

Nick Foy 82-77-159

Alex Brosh 79-81-160

Riley Keagle 76-85-161

Brian Checkley 78-84-162

Austin Tevlin 78-85-163

Jim Stansbury 80-85-165

Lance McKinney 86-80-166

Dennis Tucker 83-84-167

A.J. Sandlin 87-80-167

Nate Maloney 88-79-167

Braden Sherwood 91-83-174

Dave Shenk 91-84-175

Sam Rodino 95-98-193

Second Flight

Chris Horoky 74-79-153

Ryan Ullery 80-81-161

Tim Johnson 78-85-163

Bill Searcy 83-81-164

Michael Foy 81-85-166

Dan Demeyer 87-83-170

Rodney Huffman 87-87-174

Jeff Pressinell 81-94-175

Josh Davidhizar 88-87-175

Alejandro Genis 84-93-177

Noah Strati 89-92-181

Chad Sotebeer 97-90-187

Ed Mast 94-99-193

Third Flight

Derek Bryant 81-86-167

Corey Weaver 81-87-168

Gary Martin 86-90-176

Steve Campbell 80-97-177

Geoff Hahn 86-91-177

Doug Snyder 89-89-178

Don DuBois 88-91-179

Mitchell Wilson 84-96-180

Matthew Kibiloski 91-89-180

Jake Stephenson 95-85-180

Bryan Russell 86-95-181

Derek Hawn 89-92-181

Jason Timm 93-89-182

Sam Sheets 96-86-182

John Zerbe 89-94-183

Fourth Flight

Robert Stockman 81-84-165

A.J. Rodino 90-85-175

Thy Moeun 88-87-175

Don Smead 90-85-175

Robert Stratton 88-88-176

Kevin Lower 89-87-176

Alan Griffin 87-90-177

Tony Magyar 91-92-183

Jeff Magyar 104-97-201

Max Keagle 103-101-204

Georga Anagnos 98-109-207

Fifth Flight

Rock Mohr 84-92-176

Mark Chapman 89-99-188

Carl Craig 95-96-191

Cobey Bartlett 94-98-192

Ray Reed 99-95-194

Mike Keagle 93-104-197

Schmille Barhams 97-104-201

Mike Platz 95-109-204

Robbie Wilson 98-109-207

Dave Vollmar 110-99-209

Jim Lindsey 109-102-211

Mike Lapp 115-103-218

Sixth Flight

Randy McDowell 90-95-185

Jeff Hoeppner 97-89-186

Phillip Frampton 101-87-188

Ron Oldenburg 96-106-202

Greg Byrkett 102-102-204

Ed Freel 103-103-206

Robert Dorsam 95-116-211

Bobby Brewers 110-102-212

Tim Emmons 104-110-214

Dan Watson 108-113-221

John Altum 110-111-221

Colin Dorsam 118-117-235

ELKHART — The final round of the Greater Elkhart Men’s Championships will be held on Sunday, June 30, at Christiana Creek Country Club. Header: Greater Elkhart Men’s Championships

8 a.m. — Tim Emmons, Dan Watson, John Altum, Colin Dorsam.

8:10 — Greg Byrkett, Ed Freel, Robert Dorsam, Bobby Brewers

8:20 — Randy McDowell, Jeff Hoeppner, Phillip Frampton, Ron Oldenburg.

8:30 — Robbie Wilson, Dave Bollmar, Jim Lindsey, Mike Lapp.

8:40 — Ray Reed, Mike Keagle, Schmille Barhams, Mike Platz.

8:50 — Rock Mohr, Mark Chapman, Carl Craig, Cobey Bartlett.

9:10 — Jeff Magyar, Max Keagle, Gerog Anagnos.

9:20 — Kevin Lower, Robert Straton, Alan Griffin, Tony Magyar.

9:30 — Robert Stockman, A.J. Rodino.

9:40 — Jason Timm, Sam Sheets, John Zerbe.

9:50 — Matthew Kibiloski, Mitchell Wilson, Bryan Russell, Derek Hawn.

10 a.m. — Steve Campbell, Doug Snyder, Don DuBois, Jake Stephenson.

10:10 — Derek Bryant, Corey Weaver, Gary Martin, Geoff Hahn.

10:30 — Noah Strati, Chad Sotebeer, Ed Mast.

10:40 — Jeff Pressinell, Josh Davidhizar, Alejandro Genis.

10:50 — Michael Foy, Dan Demeyer, Rodney Huffman.

11 a.m. — Chris Horoky, Ryan Ullery, Tim Johnson, Bill Searcy.

11:10 — Nate Maloney, Braden Sherwood, Dave Shenk, Sam Rodino.

11:20 — Jim Stansbury, Lance McKinney, A.J. Sandlin, Dennis Tucker.

11:30 — Alex Brosh, Riley Keagle, Brian Checkley, Austin Tevlin.

11:40 — Kurt Hand, Bill Marcin, Frank Iavagnilio, Nick Foy.

Noon — Mark Landis, Patrick Bailey, Brian Denny.

12:10 — Scott Watson, Neil Farr, Rhett Holaway.

12:20 — Jon Bonfiglio, Payton Grubbs, Logan McBride, Matt Peterson.

12:30 — Matt Dutton, Zach Hochstedler, Patrick Mohan, Chris Elledge.

12:40 — Kyle Miller, Brody Fischer, Dan Hood, Brock Zeeb.

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