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Tee it high and let it fly.
Posted on May 26, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.


Black Squirrel

Ron Horoky

GOSHEN — Elkhart’s Ron Horoky shot a hole-in-one at Black Squirrel Golf Club.

Horoky aced the 136-yard No. 17 hole with a 5-iron.

Andrew Regnier

GOSHEN — South Bend’s Andrew Regnier shot a hole-in-hole at Black Squirrel Golf Club.

Regnier aced the 134-yard No. 15 hole with a pitching wedge. Tony Anulpies was a witness.

Juday Creek

Bob Schrock

GRANGER — Elkhart’s Bob Schrock shot a hole-in-one at Juday Creek Golf Course.

Schrock aced the 168-yard No. 11 hole with a 4-hybrid. Witnesses are Jeff Anglemyer, Sally Anglemyer and Dennis Murphy.


George Siddons

BRISTOL — Elkhart’s George Siddons shot a hole-in-one during the Moose League at Raber Golf Course.

Siddons aced the 130-yard Red No. 9 hole with a 9-iron. Witnesses were Harry Schlabach, Dave Williams, Devon Newman, Ken Schult, Matt Slagel and Mike Williams.

Double Eagle

Meadow Valley

Jeremy Kauffman

MIDDLEBURY — Jeremy Kauffman carded a double eagle-2 on the par-5 No. 16 hole at Meadow Valley Golf Course.

Kauffman holed his second shot from 137 yards with a pitching wedge. Witnesses were Dan Morrison, Andy Morrison and John Kauffman.


Christiana Creek

18-Hole Women: Low gross: A Flight — Tara Boessler 89. B — Cheryl Jackson 99. C — Ruth Bonfiglio 102. Low net: A — Mary Funkhouser 73. B — Sue Terrell 74. C — Sally Reed 65. Low putts: A — Chris Dose 36. B — Linda Jorgenson 35. C — Sallie Himes 31. Low net ball — Sally Reed 65.

9-Hole Women: 1-Best Ball of 4. 1st, Barb Murphy, Dottie Arnold, Ann Turnock and Debby Burton 46; 2nd, Dian Holdeman, Dana Pletcher and Emma Wynn 54.

Member-Guest: 2-Man Best Ball. Gross — 1st, Shane Duncan and Greg Brown 70; 2nd, Mark Landis and Bob Lesley 71; 3rd, Dan Hood and Bob Woods 72. Net — 1st, Tell Williams and Dan Demyer 59; 2nd, Dave Crise and Dan Yarnall 62; 3rd, Todd Eash and Charlie Hull 63.


9-Hole Women: Low front and low back. Flight 1: Front — 1st, Elaine Marohn 38; 2nd (tie), Tara Boessler and Shirley Shenk 40. Back — 1st, Melaine DeGroff 36; 2nd, Dee Sfreddo 37. Flight 2: Front — 1st, Amy Zakiewicz 33; 2nd, Jane Eslick 37. Back — 1st, Dianne Benko 36; 2nd, Jan Mellot 37. Flight 3: Front — 1st, Shirley Grosz 33; 2nd, Judy Findlay 38. Back — 1st, Dianne Cosentino 38; 2nd (tie), Dina Borneman and Evelyn White 41.

Spring Member-Member: First Flight — 1st, Bill Hal and Jack Welter 129; 2nd, Scott York and Jack Woodworth 130; 3rd, Chris Chocola and Matt Pletcher 134. Second Flight — 1st, Paul Minne and Shaun Napier 128.5; 2nd, Randy Foster and Don DeGroff 129.2; 3rd, Dennis Brosh and Jim Donohue 133.1. Third Flight — 1st, Roger Kollat and Bill Riblet 125.4; 2nd, Mike Mangas and Wil Boren 128.4; 3rd, Dave Hochstetler and Ray Enfield 130.9. Fourth Flight — 1st, Emily Donohue and Barb Holaway 124.2; 2nd, Tara Boessler and Nina Cunningham 132.9.

Four Lakes

18-Hole Women: Criss-cross low net. A Flight — 1st, Carol Praklet 30; 2nd, Pat Rezutko 34.5. B — 1st, Chris Yarnall 25.5; 2nd, Janet Maloney 27.5. C — 1st, Alice Dentler 30; 2nd, Cathy Fleming 31. Low putts: A — Pat Rezutko 30. B — Betty Whitson 29. C — Pat Robinson 30.


18-Hole Women: 1-Best Ball Team. 1st, Shirley Myers and Pat Tobby; 2nd (tie), Rhonda Collins, Barb Suter and Debby Miller, and Dixie Robinson, Anna Bates and Margie Weaver.

Old Orchard

9-Hole Blossoms: Low gross: A Flight — Marian Bates 39. B — Cheryl Hale 43. C — Nellie Lou Meyer 53. Low net: A — Janet Arnold 31. B — Marty Conley 28. C — Helen Free 30. Low putts: A — Jo Birr 17. B — Maxine Stump 19. C — Sue Campbell 18. Event: A — Jo Birr 7. B — Fran Graber 7. C — Nellie Lou Meyer 5.


18-Hole Women: Low gross: A Flight — Donna Koschnick 89. B — Lee Thornton 107. C — Barb Herr 124. D — Sandy Haimbach 136. Low putts: A — Donna Koschnick. B — Lee Thornton. C — tie between Yvonne Ransel and Sherry Mason. D — Sandy Haimbach. Event: A — Amy Carmien. B — tie between Barb Nelson and Sue Root. C — Barb Herr. D — tie between Sandy Haimbach and Linda Whitson. Birdies — Donna Koschnick, Sylvia Culp, Debby Miller, Jessica Buss. Chip-in — Sylvia Culp.


June 20 — Elkhart County 4-H Fair Tournament: The event to benefit the fair and the Elkhart County 4-H Club Corp., will be a 1 p.m. four-person Florida Scramble at Maplecrest Country Club in Goshen. Cost is $400 per team. Entry deadline is June 13. Call 574-533-3247.

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