People's Forum: Same-sex marriage God will destroy nation if immorality continues

Reader argues that storms and problems in the world is due to immoral behavior.

Posted on Jan. 3, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

I’m writing concerning the proposed constitutional amendment concerning “same-sex marriage,” HJR-60. I’m a Christian/Mennonite. I’m very much in favor of this bill; we have to stand up for what is right. Every piece of our money has “In God We Trust” on it. If you don’t believe in God than you shouldn’t use our money.

If we keep going against these principles and allow immorality to run rampant, we’re going to be like Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. God will destroy this nation and any other, for that matter.

Marriage is to be the uniting of one male and one female, nothing else! God didn’t create only male or female. He created both.

If you and your partner are gay, lesbian, homosexual, etc., you can’t be fruitful and multiply or replenish the earth as God has commanded.

I still think we should love and pray for gays, because we have all sinned against God. But gays must repent and ask God for forgiveness. This is sin and immoral. If they do not repent, they will face eternal judgement.

Finally, I honestly believe this is why we are having storms and all the problems in this world. This immoral behavior has got to stop!

Lewis Newell


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