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Goodman, Lewis-Moore angered by ‘anonymous’ interview

Goodman, Lewis-Moore speak out.
Posted on Jan. 17, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Two former teammates of Manti Te’o are not happy.

Kapron Lewis-Moore and John Goodman used their individual Twitter accounts Thursday to voice displeasure with an anonymous Fighting Irish football player who was quoted by web journalist Jackie Pepper of “Pepper On Sports.”

In an interview with Pepper, the unnamed player said the Manti Te’o girlfriend story involving Lennay Kekua, which was weaved into the story concerning death of Te’o’s grandmother in September of 2012, was a lie all along. The deaths of Kekua and Te’o’s grandmother were reported to have happened during the first week of September 2012.

“No we all knew he had only seen her once,’’ the player is quoted as saying, “But when the media was saying how he went through both deaths we knew.”

The player, who referred to Te’o as a “very good’’ actor, also told Pepper, “We would never bring it up. But we would look at him when he would get all emotional during media about his girl.”

On social media, Goodman and Lewis-Moore fired back late Thursday afternoon.

Said Goodman via Twitter (@jgoodman81):

“Who do u think u r? If you were on the team, chances r ur reading this. I hope u see it. Embarrassment. Classless. People r gona find out ... Whichever one of our teammates kept their name ‘anonymous’ in that PepperOnSports article is a complete coward and I hope they r embarrassed.”

Lewis-Moore (@KLM_89) posted:

“You bled and sweated we all went through 2 a days, Went through this special season and you gonna say stuff like that... Seriously. #LOW”

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