A BCS football party in Miami

eTruth.com heads to South Beach.
Posted on Jan. 2, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

By the time I wake up, pop my eardrums and make sure this column made the print edition, I will be bathed in the sun-splashed rays of South Beach.

Ice scraper at home. Sweatshirts and gloves left behind, too.

Mirror shades? Check.

Sleeveless T-shirt? Check.

Tanning lotion and Speedo? Double-check.

I’m set. Now all I need is a football game.

You’re all invited.

“Party in the city where the heat is on

All night on the beach till the break of dawn

Welcome to Miami

(Bienvenido a Miami)”

With an eye on the national championship of big-boy college football, Notre Dame and Alabama will land in either Fort Lauderdale or Miami late Wednesday and get the royal treatment from the BCS game committee and the local tourism hosts.

It’s sure to be a gala with all the trimmings.

Marching bands. Pretty, tanned, smiling people.

I’ll keep a lookout for Joan Rivers hanging out by the rope along the red carpet.

The Irish and Crimson Tide won’t play until Monday and neither team will practice until Thursday afternoon, but The Truth wants you to know we’ll be there covering you, the title tilt and all the pre-game festivities.

We’ll have tons of Notre Dame material — some of it football, some of it offbeat — blitzing its way to www.etruth.com all week.

And, yes, there will be enough Alabama fodder to keep the Crimson Tide crowd intrigued as well.

Rachel Terlep, our young ND beat writer, has pushed some great work all football season and, most especially, during this seemingly endless six-week layoff with her Notre Dame Notebook blog.

We will be all over Twitter:

Ÿ @eTruth_Irish

Ÿ @eTruthSports

We will be all over Facebook:

Ÿ Find “Notre Dame BCS Championship

Keep your iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys handy as well as your laptops and home computers. Do people still use Blackberrys anymore?

I’ll make sure we keep track of every time Irish coach Brian Kelly and ’Bama coach Nick Saban are asked about one of those seven NFL head coach openings.

Kelly’s creased and easily-spoken “I’m here to coach The University of Notre Dame football team” comment was penned long before Monday.

Saban? I’d be surprised if he didn’t go with a “I’m not going to dignify that with answer. Next question.”

We’ll just have to see.

Maybe I’ll drag out the hard-hitting ammunition about game uniforms and accessories.

“A.J. McCarron, why do you have those numbers on the sides of your helmet?’’

“Coach Saban, are you glad Notre Dame put names on the backs of its jerseys so you could differentiate No. 5 Everett Golson from No.5 Manti Te’o?”

“And Coach Kelly, will you have an assistant watching to make sure two No. 2’s don’t line up for a field goal block situation?”

Answers to these and many more questions coming your way.

The “Go Irish” and “Roll Tide’’ fun begins long before Monday’s kickoff.

It’s sunny and 78 degrees here. We’ll send you warmth.


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