Have you noticed dangerous amounts of snow on area streetlights?

Throughout the day, a few readers have told us that so much snow is accumulated on streetlights that drivers can't see the colors they're flashing.

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 5:36 p.m.

Throughout the day, several readers have alerted us to a weather-related problem – streetlights have so much snow on them that drivers can't see the colors they're showing. 

"If you are driving in Elkhart be careful," Doug Mulvaney said in a Facebook comment. "Many of the Southbound traffic lights are covered in snow, obscuring them. Watched three cars run through (at relatively high speed) a red light at the intersection of Johnson Street and Baldwin in Elkhart. I was part way into the intersection and was nearly broadsided. If you are South Bound slow down and make sure you really do have a green light." 

Another reader, Ashley Ray, commented on a story we posted on Facebook about a fatal crash at Nappanee Street and California Road.

"Because the street lights are covered in snow," she said. I even called the police department and reported it."

After seeing the story about the crash, Michelle Sanderson-Miller said she'd seen the problem in the area as well.

"...I went thru that intersection sometime near 2:48 p.m. today and was almost t-boned because the lights headed south on the intersection was covered in snow and couldn't be seen!" she said. "I called the police station at that time and told them this problem and they said it had been reported and being addressed. I'm sad that it sounds a little to late."

Have you noticed this problem around the county today? If so, where?


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