Indiana State Police offer tips for navigating wet, flooded roadways

Standing water can mask dangers, according to the Indiana State Police's tips for safely navigating flooded roads.

Posted on Feb. 19, 2014 at 2:24 p.m.

INDIANAPOLIS — Warmer weather has begun to melt the snow covering northern Indiana and rain in the forecast later this week is creating flooding concerns.

The Indiana State Police have released a list of safety tips for drivers attempting to navigate wet or partly-flooded roadways.

• Always carry a cell phone and charger.

• Pay attention to local media reports and heed warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

• Never drive around barricades at water crossings.

• Be especially careful at night or early morning as it can be difficult to see water and judge its depth across the roadway.

• Reduce your speed in rain and never enter flowing water. Driving through water reduces tire contact with the road surface (hydroplaning) and increases your chance of crashing.

• Driving through water makes your vehicle's brakes less effective until they dry out.

• If your vehicle ends up submerged in water, immediately exit the vehicle through a window and climb on top of your car. Call 911 from there and wait for help to arrive. Ride the top like a boat, as vehicles will often float for several minutes.

• Be aware that road erosion can occur anytime there is running or standing water on a roadway.

• Remember it only takes 6 inches of water to reach the bottom of most car doors and one foot of water to float most vehicles.

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