Wawasee Warriors honor sectional champion softball team

Warrior Way awards go to Andrew Milligan, Ethan Brown, Tristen Atwood, Cristina DeLaFuente, Ruby Minnick and Jada Antonides.

Posted on June 10, 2014 at 3:25 p.m.

SYRACUSE — Wawasee High School's spring sports Warrior Way award winners are Andrew Milligan (baseball), Ethan Brown (boys track), Tristen Atwood (boys track), Cristina DeLaFuente (softball), Ruby Minnick (girls track) and Jada Antonides (girls tennis).

Wawasee Spring Awards


Warrior Way — Andrew Milligan.
Offensive Player of the Year — Gage Reinhard.
Defensive Player of the Year — Nik Anderson.
Pitcher of the Year — Gage Fannin.
JV — Lucas Garza.
C-Team — Rylan Kuhn.

Boys Track:

Warrior Way — Ethan Brown.
MVP — Clayton Cook.
Field Events — JJ GIlmer.
Distance Runner — Zach Cockrill.
Rookie — Tyler Courter.
Mental Attitude — Adam Doll.
Most Improved — Josh Turco.

Boys Golf:

Warrior Way — Tristen Atwood.
MVP — Jeffery Moore.
Newcomer — Rasmus Rich.
Coaches Award — Mason Germonprez.
Mental Attitude — Tristen Atwood.
Most Improved — Cal Heinisch.
JV Low Medalist — Brandon Buss.


Warrior Way — Cristina DeLaFuente.
Offensive Player of the Year — Kylee Rostochak (varsity), Leah deSomer (JV).
Defensive Player of the Year — Danielle Gunkel (varsity), Kayla White (JV).
Varsity Performance of the Year — Ale Brito (varsity, sectional), Hannah Haines (JV, 16-strikeout game).

Girls Track:

Warrior Way — Ruby Minnick.
MVP — Catherine Yankosky.
Field Events — Katlyn Kennedy.
Distance Runner — Courtney Linnemeier.
Rookie — Alexis Manges.
Mental Attitude — Autumn Yoder.
Most Improved — Shelby Swartz.

Girls Tennis:

Warrior Way — Jada Antonides.
Coaches Award — Katy Ashpole, Charity Parker.

Jacket Awards:

Cameron Adams, Addison Ayres, Delanie Bame, Madison Beaman, Jamison Bolt, Sequinn Bright, Chelsea Carolus, Cristina DeLaFuente, Erik Diaz, Meghan Fretz, Jazlyn Gehlhausen, Alexis Graber, Sam Griner, Tia Long, Erick Meier, Marcos Mejia, Jaclyn Miller, Rasmus Rich, Bailey Schroeder, Leigh-Ann Shrack, Haleigh Smarr, Kelsey Swartz, Josh Turco, Kyle Weideman, Andrew Wright, Elizabeth Zorn.

Watch Award:

Jada Antonides, Adam Baker, Jaxon Bame, Paige Hlutke, Kurtis Liston, Mikala Mawhorter, Sarah Olejniczak, Nate Prescott.

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