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Notre Dame fans descend on south Florida.

Posted on Jan. 6, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 6, 2013 at 2:33 a.m.

More Notre Dame fans arrived in South Florida Sunday for the BCS Championship Game between the Irish and Alabama on Monday. Here's a social media look at the sights and sounds from Miami (scroll down for the Storify account):

The BCS title game approaches

The momentum is building to Monday's BCS Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama. Here's a look at what people were doing and saying as Saturday turned to Sunday -- one more day to the big game:

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The players clowned around a bit, watched some of the Green Bay-Minnesota NFL game and congratulated the women's basketball team on their big win over UConn:
Me kmoore8 and mteo05 Being clowns lol #Photoshoot #NDFB #Swaggin ( @mteo_5 ) http://instagr.am/p/UIK8d2QBj2/Bennett Jackson Jr.
Crazy to think tht the game is already here. Feels like yesterday that we were just starting our bowl practices! #timeflies #BCSchampionshipTJ Jones
Just beat @MTeo_5 4 to 1 in fast and the furious. #toogoodChase Hounshell
I wana be at that pep rally. I wana crowd surf. That ish is rockin.John Goodman
Congrats to our women's bball squad with the huge win!! @SkyDigg4 @NatAchon @WhitHolloway3 @kaymac_2123 @MMabreyND23Robby Toma
Congrats to our women basketball team for their big win. @NatAchon @kaymac_2123 @mcable22 @kish12123 @WhitHolloway3 and the rest.Kyle C. Brindza
RT “@mosedaddy27: S/O to @BraxstonCave52 show Bama how we play ball in Mishawaka #pennpridecountrywide. Thanks broBraxston Cave
The Homie @KyleRudolph82 getting some love during the game!Brandon J. Newman
Swaggin it's a photoshoot!! #NDFB basa56 #BCS http://instagr.am/p/UIKaDewBi0/Bennett Jackson Jr.
Here's some chatter from the home front in the South Bend/Elkhart area:
All I have to say for the next couple of days is.... GO IRISH!!!!!!! Missed tweeting about the ol Irish!! #1 #uNDefeated #NationalChamps Dallas Munger
@BraxstonCave52 @mosedaddy27 golden dimers vs mobile homers!! Go irish!! Bring it one boys!!josh hagen
We hope everyone at the Notre Dame pep rally on the beach in Miami had an awesome time!! GO IRISH!!!Family Magazines
Soooo close!!! #goirish http://instagr.am/p/UISZn3vYpr/Kiso Rufuku
Can it be Monday already?? #GoIrish #RollOverTide lindsley
Monday is going to be interesting and long.1st day at New Group Media and the Irish in natl championship. Wearing ND polo on 1st day #NDDavid Murray
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to #goirish http://pic.twitter.com/JfmH9KJ0Tony Bishop
You've heard about Trick Shot Monday, right? Here's the video:
Trick Shot Monday - BCS Championship Editionnotredameathletics
Irish fans in South Florida? Oh, yes, they're there ... in force:
Apparently 15,000 people at ND pep rally #BCS #ND http://pic.twitter.com/RO5XJehYDan Furlong
Standing outside @sunlifestadium in @miami. Cant wait for @ bcschampionship game. #goirish #rolltide http://pic.twitter.com/4HJUNKJzMark Francis
My view from the sand. Holding a spot to watch #NotreDame pep rally on #Sobe #GoIrish http://pic.twitter.com/mEHcidLWDiana Gonzalez
Pep rally http://instagr.am/p/UH1TE5HSTq/Annie Quintana
Seeing the Notre Dame Band play in Clevelander on South Beach tonight was just priceless. #bcschampionshipDanny
@SupamanRob @RWMcClintock @TheRealRieffer #GoIrish #BCS http://pic.twitter.com/PuBJZH7SRyley Fitzsimmons
The @NDFootball pep rally is underway and there are a lot of pumped up fan! http://pic.twitter.com/YXBicLDSOrange Bowl
That pep rally was one of the craziest things I have seen. 20k fans for an event that the team wasn't even at. Unreal. Only at ND!Josh Flynt
#NDFBAlumni reunion back stage before the #bcschampionship @OrangeBowl Pep Rally #GoIrish http://pic.twitter.com/Qb5lsUKwNotre Dame Football

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