Notre Dame press conference features Golson, Martin

QB Everett Golson and Coach Chuck Martin were featured at this morning's press conference.
Posted on Jan. 4, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:06 a.m.

This morning's Notre Dame football press conference puts Everett Golson and Chuck Martin in the spotlight. Here's the report from ND beat writer Rachel Terlep, using Storify.

Notre Dame's Friday football press conference

QB Everett Golson and Coach Chuck Martin appeared at this morning's presser.

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The Everett Golson and Chuck Martin presser/Chuck Martin comedy hour has wrapped up. On to Alabama DC Kirby Smart and DE Damion Square.Rachel Terlep
Golson unsure if question about playing in the NCG is for him. Martin: "I'm not playing, dude. The spread would be a lot higher if I was."Rachel Terlep
Martin on Eifert: "There were passes yesterday that I looked away because I thought they were incomplete. Then I hear, 'Good catch, Tyler!'"Rachel Terlep
Chuck Martin says Everett Golson's primary love is basketball, but "he's pretty good at his hobby," which is football.Rachel Terlep
(2/2) ..."Which we actually did one day. We watched Alabama on 3rd-and-7 and we were done for the day because we were so demoralized."Rachel Terlep
(1/2) OC Chuck Martin: "If you want to get demoralized as a #NotreDame fan, watch Alabama's defense on 3rd-and-7." ....Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame QB Everett Golson on opportunity to "take on" on the SEC: "I really didn't think of it like that. I see it as another game."Rachel Terlep
...Which Chuck Martin - choking back disappointment - assures did not come from him.Rachel Terlep
Best piece of advice Golson's heard? "The race is not given to the swift or the strong, but it's given to the one that endures to the end."Rachel Terlep
Everett Golson asked what's the best piece of advice he's been given. Chuck Martin cuts in that it "better be something I told you."Rachel Terlep
Chuck Martin references the "luck" other teams have had against #NotreDame with certain interceptions. Then looks pointedly at Golson.Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame Chuck Martin on "luck" of the Irish: "If you do things the right way...It seems like those teams get luckier than other teams."Rachel Terlep
This is the 3rd or 4th time Everett Golson has ensured that he doesn't "ride the wave" emotionally. About to make this a drinking game...Rachel Terlep
RT @BFeldmanCBS: Eifert on Bama D: "They're not perfect. They're not supermen. They're a really good defense but they have weaknesses too."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame QB Everett Golson says he doesn't really have any pre-game rituals, then grins: "The only thing is I sing a little bit."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin on team getting caught up in NCG awe: "Once those big guys start chasing them around, instincts take over."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame Everett Golson on his music: "There's many times when I come from class or practice and sit down and play. It's my outlet."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin, joking about Golson's chemistry with the receivers: "We're still working on Tyler, just so you know."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin on RB Theo Riddick: "Pound for pound as good a football player as they make."Rachel Terlep
First thing that comes to Chuck Martin's mind when thinking of Cierre Wood? "Explosive." George Atkinson III? "Really, really explosive."Rachel Terlep
Golson: "It was nerve-wracking the first time, but I've calmed down a lot." Note: He's talking about the media, not starting for #NotreDame.Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin says Everett Golson is "battle-tested," cites debut in Dublin, road games vs. Michigan State, Oklahoma and USC.Rachel Terlep
CM on studying red zone success vs. Alabama: "When they get inside the 10, the score is typically 48-0 and none of their starters are in"Rachel Terlep
Everett Golson: "We as a team want to make a statement being that we've always been counted out from the beginning of the year." #NotreDameRachel Terlep
Chuck Martin on 'Bama's top-ranked O-line: "I think our offensive line is more concerned about Alabama's very good defensive line."Rachel Terlep
Unlike Manti Te'o, Everett Golson doesn't have a "Why I chose No. 5" story: "I just always wore it, from JV and high school." #NotreDameRachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin says, like Brian Kelly in the past, that the Oklahoma game was win Everett Golson started to look comfortable.Rachel Terlep
If you've ever wanted to see Louis Nix dance to Gangam Style, your dreams have come true: http://goo.gl/EJKZL #NotreDameRachel Terlep
#NotreDame OC Chuck Martin and QB Everett Golson on deck. Updates to follow. http://pic.twitter.com/1dU5BqN3Rachel Terlep
Up bright and early for another morning of the BCS media frenzy. #NotreDame OC Chuck Martin and QB Everett Golson are up first today.Rachel Terlep
Irish, Tide can certainly take the heat | Sidelines, Bill Beck. #ND http://ow.ly/gwcaLRachel Terlep
Te'o cherishes parents, sharing #BCS experience with them (VIDEO) http://ow.ly/gw2zE #notredame #ndfb #goirishRachel Terlep
View from lunch, foodie angle and all. #bcschampionship #minikeylimepies http://pic.twitter.com/mZW7iOzvRachel Terlep


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