Sam Grewe recovering from cracked fibula after lacrosse game

After beating cancer, Sam Grewe returned to his active lifestyle and started playing JV lacrosse for Northridge High School his freshman year. Now he's recovering from a cracked fibula.

Posted on May 11, 2014 at 10:58 a.m.

Sam Grewe is back on the sidelines after he found out Saturday, May 10, that he cracked his fibula, The Elkhart Truth's news partner WNDU reported.

Grewe returned to contact sports and was playing on Northridge High School's junior varsity lacrosse team after defeating osteosarcoma. During his battle against the cancer, he underwent a surgery that removed his right leg in April 2012 and was fit for a prosthetic a few weeks later. Doctors said he was cancer free in February 2013.

While playing in the LAX Out Childhood Cancer lacrosse event on Saturday, May 3, he felt a pain in his left leg, he told WNDU.

He originally thought the pain was a shin splint, but it got worse as he played in a charity bowling event and played two lacrosse games. On Saturday, he was diagnosed with a cracked fibula.

Luckily, this injury won't require surgery, but Grewe will need six weeks of recovery, WNDU reported.

Read what Grewe had to say about the injury in the story on WNDU's website.

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