Jimtown High School honors spring sports athletes

Eight student athletes were honored as MVPs of their sports at Jimtown High School. Find out who got the honors here.

Posted on June 4, 2014 at 12:49 p.m.

JIMTOWN — Spring sports MVPs have been named at Jimtown High School.

The eight honorees are Nick Floyd (baseball), Adam Gill (boys track), Marquis Schieber (boys track), Broc Maurer (boys golf), Sierra Geier (softball), Nicole Duryea (girls track), Shawntel James (girls track) and Amber Miller (girls tennis).

Jimtown Spring Awards

Baseball: MVP — Nick Floyd. Most Improved — Jay Franko. Mental Attitude — Zach Weinkauf.

Boys Track: MVP — Adam Gill, Marquis Schieber. Most Improved — Gary Moore. Mental Attitude — Travis Holderread, Max Magyar.

Boys Golf: MVP — Broc Maurer. Most Improved — Tyler Wenger.

Softball: MVP — Sierra Geier. Most Improved — Kaylee Pletcher. Mental Attitude — Gina Rayle.

Girls Track: MVP — Nicole Duryea, Shawntel James. Most Improved — Carlee Miller, Paige Miller. Mental Attitude — Jessica Dubois, Katie Vincic.

Girls Tennis: MVP — Amber Miller. Most Improved — Noel Scott. Mental Attitude — Priscilla Jeffery.

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