Jimtown hands out winter sports awards

Awards were given for students who were in wrestling, swimming, basketball, and cheerleading. 

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 6:56 p.m.

JIMTOWN — Nick Floyd in boys basketball, Ally Vicsik in girls basketball, Konner Chafin and Jay Franko for wrestling, and Morgan Kerrn in cheerleading and were announced as team MVPs during the Jimtown High School winter sports award program Tuesday, March 18.


Major Awards

Boys Basketball: MVP — Nick Floyd. Most improved — Sam Pawlak. Mental Attitude — Kain Templeton. 

Girls Basketball: MVP — Ally Vicsik. Most improved — Shawntel James. Mental Attitude — Heather Bozman.

Wrestling: MVP — Jay Franko and Konner Chafin. Most improved — Kenny Kerrn and Alex Troup. Mental Attitude — Cameron Weiss and Nick Mammolenti.

Cheerleading: MVP — Morgan Kerrn.

Major Letterwinners

Boys Basketball: Adam DeShone, Dylan Guldager, Trevor Hobbs, Nick Floyd, Austin Secor, Kain Templeton, Blain Bender, Sammy Palwak. 

Girls Basketball: Logan Trosper, Shawntel James, Julia Henkler, Maddi Beadles, Ally Vicsik, Lindsey Stose, Rachel Miller, Heather Bozman, Ali Brothers, Kelly Brooks, Jerrett Smith.

Wrestling: Konner Chafin, Caleb Spires, Alex Troup, Cameron Weiss, Jay Franko, Dominic Mullins, Marquis Schieber, Cody Spurgeon, Ben Davis, Greden Kelley, D'Morea Otis, Cole Watson, John Windowmaker, Sara Martin, Destiny Potier.

Cheerleading: Morgan Kern, Heather Bozman, Nicole Duryea, Taylor Jackey, Megan Gallegos, Cheyenne Jacobs, Taylor Clere, Ally Davis, Leah Frager, Jhonna Harper, Hannah Scearse, Karington Wolfe.

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