Goshen's swimming pool will located at the middle school

After much debate, the Goshen School Board voted Monday night to put the referendum-funded pool at Goshen Middle School.

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 7:58 a.m.

Goshen schools will scrap its two existing swimming pools in favor of one new pool, which will be located at the middle school.

Building an updated pool is part of the district's $17 million renovation project that taxpayers voted for in last fall's election

A months-long debate over where the new pool should be built was finally settled on Monday night, March 24, when the board voted 6-1 to put the pool at the middle school based on recommendations from a consulting group and a local task force.

Board member Perry Haimes was the only member to vote against the plan, saying that he still is not sure about the cost benefit of building the new pool at the middle school instead of the high school. 

In the board's last meeting on March 10, board members learned that the cost of building the pool at the high school would be between $829,000 and $1.4 million, but building at the middle school would cost less.

At the time, the recommended location was the middle school but board members said they wanted to delay a vote until the community had a chance to respond 

Superintendent Diane Woodworth said following Monday's meeting that she did not get any formal feedback from the community about the pool location.

She did have some informal conversations with local people and she feels that most people can see the pros and cons of building the new pool at either the middle school or the high school.

"It was about 50/50, like it is here,"she said, referring to some concerns voiced by the board during the meeting.

Groundbreaking for the school renovations could happen late this summer.

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