Great Value Colleges ranks Goshen College as 8th most affordable private college in the Midwest

Great Value Colleges ranked public and private Midwestern schools based on quality and the cost of tuition minus average financial aid.

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Posted on July 28, 2014 at 11:09 a.m.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your college tuition money in the Midwest, Great Value Colleges suggests checking out Goshen College.

The education website ranked both private and public colleges in the region based on net price (the cost of tuition minus average financial aid) and quality. The cost of a year’s tuition at any one of the listed schools is no more than $22,000, which the website states is what college students typically pay everywhere else.

Goshen College is the eighth most affordable college on the list of 25 private schools, with a net price of $19,773. The cost of tuition without financial aid is $26,900, according to Goshen College.

The school also was ranked 22nd for quality compared to the other listed colleges and universities. The website measures this by looking at:

  • Graduation rates
  • Freshmen retention rates
  • Student-to-faculty ratio
  • Percentage of classes taught by graduate assistance
  • Average ACT score
  • Number of campus organizations
  • Number of academic programs

“Goshen scores the highest marks in the graduation rate and freshmen retention rate categories, which are 70 percent and 85 percent respectively -- definitely higher than average!” Great Value Colleges states on its website. It also says the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1.

The website adds that Goshen College’s campus life is very active and that 25 percent of its students participate in intercollegiate sports.

Great Value Colleges also considered Forbes’ college rankings, which they think is a good measure for student satisfaction. Goshen College ranks 476th overall, 322nd for private colleges and 112th in the Midwest.


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