Goshen College students to release graphic novel anthology on April 4

There will be a release party for "Goshen Graphix II" on Friday, April 4, at Better World Books in Goshen. The graphic novel anthology features stories that were written and illustrated by Goshen College students.

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 8:06 p.m.

Goshen College students are framing their stories within the pages of a graphic novel anthology.

The upcoming "Goshen Graphix II" will be the third graphic novel anthology to come out of the Goshen College's Department of English, consisting of students' final projects for their Literature in Popular Culture class.

While these students may not be swinging from the rooftops of New York City dressed as a spider, they do not need to be costumed vigilantes to tell an affecting story.

One of the writers in "Goshen Graphix II" chronicles life in Goshen College through the meals she cooks in her dormitory. Another story is about a family camping trip during which the author's younger self attempts to save an injured bird.

"It's a story about childhood, learning about death and life and growing up. A lot of them turn out to be stories about growing up." said Jessica Baldanzi, associate professor of English at Goshen College. Baldanzi began teaching her students about American graphic novels in 2008.

Baldanzi said that comic are more than just words.  Even the framing of a scene or the thickness of the lines can convey different meanings to the reader.

“It’s not only how to say things but how to visualize things. They have to think creatively about different ways to tell a story.” Baldanzi said.

Her students will talk about the artistic and narrative decisions behind their comics at a release party Friday, April 4, at Better World Books in Goshen.

You can also purchase "Goshen Graphix II" at Better World Books in the coming weeks or contact Goshen College's Department of English at english@goshen.edu.

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