Goshen College No. 9 on 'biggest waste of tuition money' list

A Policy Mic article names Goshen College as the No. 9 biggest waste of tuition money in the United States... but the report was based on just 33 graduates' self-reported salaries.

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 6:01 p.m.

News website Policy Mic recently put Goshen College in an article called "These 10 Colleges are the Biggest Waste of Tuition in the U.S."

But the college sees a problem with that ranking — it's based on the self-reported salaries of just 33 people who claim to be Goshen College graduates.

Policy Mic got its school rankings from Payscale.com, a site that lets visitors search for "what you should be making" in exchange for entering their current job and salary information.

Payscale then ranks colleges and universities according to the average wage earnings of graduates. These rankings have been reported by the New York Times and the Huffington Post.

The Goshen College entry for 2013-14 notes that salary information was gathered from 33 individuals.

The school whose graduates earn the most on average is listed as Harvey Mudd College in California. That information is based on 112 individuals who reported their salaries, according to the site.

Jodi Beyeler, interim director of communications and marketing for Goshen College, said her office heard about the Policy Mic article soon after it was published on Monday, March 31.

Marketing staff took a proactive approach to the negative report and quickly posted to Goshen College's Facebook page, telling people about the article and criticizing the data used to produce it.

Beyeler said the research used in the article has "major problems" and it doesn't accurately represent the college.

By Wednesday afternoon, dozens of alumni had responded on Facebook, sharing about the positive experiences they had at Goshen.

Those commenting said they are happy with the amount of money they earn, but even more satisfied with the life experience and relationships they found at the school.

Some even said the article is "shoddy" and "a joke."

"We wanted to make sure people know we can’t just take any research that comes out as valid," Beyeler said. "Our alums are reinforcing what we know and believe, that a Goshen College education is worth a whole lot in a variety of ways."

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