Elkhart Community Schools shares update on construction, announces new administrator

Holly Conley was announced as new assistant principal at Osolo Elementary at a school board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 12. The board also heard a construction update. 

Posted on Aug. 12, 2014 at 8:50 p.m.

Holly Conley is the latest to join the team of educators at Osolo Elementary

Conley, who taught at Monger Elementary for 10 years, was appointed assistant principal at Osolo during an Elkhart Community Schools board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 12. 

She recently completed coursework for her administrator license at Bethel College

The board also heard an update on construction projects from Tony Gianesi, building services director. 

Gianesi said the renovation of Elkhart Memorial High School’s cafeteria was completed Tuesday, just days before students return Friday, Aug. 15, Elkhart’s first day of school. 

PA system replacements at Elkhart Central High School, the classroom section of Central’s roof replacement project and camera system installation at Central are also completed.

Four schools — Beardsley, Pinewood, Woodland and West Side — will be getting office additions, so visitors to those schools must pass through the front office before entering any other part of the school.

That work is scheduled to begin in November, with a completion date of July 31, 2015, for all four schools. 

The new classroom locks have been installed at Mary Beck and Eastwood, and work to install locks at the other buildings is under way. 

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