Concord hires new teachers for 2014-15 year

Before the 2014-15 school year gets underway, meet Concord’s new teachers. 

Posted on Aug. 12, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Concord Community Schools welcomed new teachers for the 2014-15 school year. 

Concord West Side

Jenna Gleason, grade 3

Rebecca Stuck, art  

Brittany Stevens, grade 2 

Karsen Kistler, physical education

Faith Aukerman, kindergarten

Concord East Side

Jena Kennedy, grade 2

Lauryn Emerson, grade 1

Tyler Stevens, grade 3

Stephanie Terwelp, kindergarten

Concord South Side

Sarah Ferguson, grade 3

Ellen Hershberger, support services

Emily Willard, physical education

Andrew Stevens, grade 1

Concord Ox Bow

Jillian Woolsey, grade 3

Taylor Brown, grade 3

Kate Helm, grade 2

Allison Kirkton, grade 2

Concord Junior High

Heather Short, social studies

Adrianna Largotta, science

Kelly Hale,  support services

Concord Intermediate

Anna Miller, grade 5

Alexis Briganti, grade 5

Margaret Rach, grade 5 and 6 social studies

Kimberly Ulick, grade 5 and 6 math

Scott Garner, assistant principal

Concord High School

Kimberly Stanton, mathematics

Laury Allen, social studies

Lori Fournier-Norem, French

Jessica Pugsley, Family and Consumer Sciences/social studies

Michele Balma, French (temporary)

Eric Nielsen, social studies

Todd Kirkton, mathematics

Twyla Kendrick, counselor

Tim Koontz, business education

Lara Gammon, Family and Consumer Sciences

Kelli Stair, language arts

Bradley Brown, social studies

Concord students start the year Wednesday, Aug. 13.

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