Indiana high school uses gunman firing blanks as active shooter training

    Clinton Prairie High School students ran screaming from an armed man in the halls Thursday, August 7 — part of an active shooter training conducted by police. 

    (Mika Järvinen/Flickr)

    Posted on Aug. 11, 2014 at 6:49 a.m.

    High school students in Clinton County, Ind., recently got an idea of what might happen in a mass shooting at their school.

    During a mock shooting demonstration organized by Indiana State Police and other agencies, a man wearing a black hoodie and a mask wandered through the hallways of Clinton Prairie High School with a shotgun, firing blanks, according to a report from The Layfayette Journal and Courier

    Students scattered, screaming for help, but some were “hit” and fell to the floor.

    Indiana State Trooper Michael Kreuger said drills like these help police improve their response time.

    The principal of the school, Brent Miller, said the active shooter training gives school staff an idea of what to expect if a shooting were to occur. 

    "During the scenario you notice the fire alarms are going off, dust is falling that you are not expecting...we are just trying to get a sense of what we can do to take precautions and be as prepared as we can,“ Miller said. 

    To read the full story and see a video of the active shooter demonstration, visit The Layfayette Journal and Courier’s website

    Do you think this kind of demonstration is a good way for police and school staffers to train for a shooting? Why or why not?

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