Ivy Tech is popular, low-cost option for Elkhart County students

A state report shows more students at Ivy Tech than any other public college — except for all the Indiana University campuses combined.

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 6:25 p.m.

Indiana tracks how many people attend public colleges and which schools people choose.

A recently-released Indiana College Readiness Report shows that 28 percent of high school graduates who went to public college in 2012 chose Ivy Tech — a higher percentage than any other public college.

But the report lumps together all 31 of Ivy Tech’s campuses, while separating Indiana University’s eight campuses and Purdue’s four campuses and treating those as separate schools. 

Combining the percentages of students who enrolled at Indiana University and Purdue University’s campuses shows a clearer picture of who’s going where in Indiana. 

Indiana University’s eight campuses combined drew the highest percentage of 2012 public college students, and Ivy Tech comes in second.

Still, Ivy Tech is the cheapest option.

Ivy Tech students pay $126 per credit hour, compared with Indiana University South Bend’s $210 per credit hour for Indiana residents.


Allyssa St. Germain is studying elementary education and business management at Ivy Tech’s Elkhart campus.

She says if Ivy Tech wasn't so inexpensive, she wouldn't have gone to college at all.

“I knew that I would be able to get almost the same quality education as a university while still being able to afford what I needed to pay out of pocket,” she said. 

Katie Kemmerer, also a student at Ivy Tech in Elkhart, said Ivy Tech had the cheapest and highest quality nursing program out of the schools she considered.

And because of grants she’s eligible for, she’s paid less than $300 out of pocket over the three semesters she’s been a student.

Kimberly Mattix, an adult student at Ivy Tech’s South Bend campus, said she chose the school because of ads targeting working adults wanting to improve their situation. 

Ivy Tech’s been a good “foot in the door” for her, but she’s thinking about transferring to IUSB for a more structured environment. 

“I think (Ivy Tech) is a good starting place for people who struggled in school recently or have been out for a while,” she said.

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