Ancon Construction out-scores Fort Wayne companies for Goshen schools renovation

Ancon Construction, located in Goshen, scored higher than two Fort Wayne construction companies in a competition to find the best company to redesign Goshen Middle School and Goshen High School.

Posted on June 4, 2014 at 6:53 p.m.

Goshen-based Ancon Construction will do about $15 million worth of renovation work for Goshen schools.

Ancon beat out two Fort Wayne companies, Weigand Construction and the Hagerman Group, for the school project during a scoring process by a technical review committee Wednesday, June 4.

To determine which company was offering the best value for scope and quality of work proposed, the committee scored each company’s plans, then the prices each company quoted for the work were divided by their scores. 

Ancon came out with 95 points out of a possible 115, easily besting Weigand, which received 88 points and Hagerman, which received 78 points.

Ancon proposed a price of $15,880,000, while Weigand proposed $15,879,900 and Hagerman proposed $15,875,000. 

This process placed Ancon at the lowest price, or “best value.”

Sean Welty, project manger for Ancon, said it feels good to come out on top after the company spent months designing potential new spaces for the middle school and high school. 

The other two companies both agreed to take a $36,000 stipend in exchange for leaving behind their ideas. Those ideas could be worked into the final design, Superintendent Diane Woodworth said.

“Groundbreaking is still planned for August,” Woodworth said following the committee meeting Wednesday. 

Committee members will be working out specific details with Ancon over the next couple of months, including exactly how many of their “dream projects” the district can afford.

This project is paid for using part of the $17 million Goshen schools won last fall in a referendum. Woodworth said the district does have some additional money available it could use to spend a little more on the construction work.

The goal is to create some new classroom space at both the middle school and high school and build a completely new pool at the middle school, along with some other needed enhancements.

Goshen’s school board does have final say on whether it’ll accept Ancon for the project. Board members will have the chance to vote in a meeting next Monday, June 9.

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