Elkhart students collect for local food bank

Elkhart Central and Memorial students ran a food drive for Church Community Services.

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 8:39 p.m.

Twenty-five thousand pounds of food equals a lot of boxes, cans and bottles.

Elkhart Central and Memorial students unloaded all of it into Church Community Service's food bank Thursday morning, May 8. 

The students — members of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council — spent the past few weeks getting donations from classmates, family and friends for Elkhart Community Schools' first time participating in the Northern Indiana Student Hunger Drive.

They said 25,000 pounds is pretty good, but they could do better next year.

"I brought in a bag of cans, but I could have brought in more," Rachel Swanson, a sophomore at Central, admitted.

Riley Norris, also a sophomore at Central, suggested starting earlier in the year.

The group started the drive just less than a month ago. They got donations from elementary and middle schools in Elkhart too, in addition to what high school students brought in, Norris said. 

"I think the whole community was really excited about it," he added.

Swanson said the drive is important because as Church Community Services director Rod Roberson told them when the drive started, this food could go to students at their own school.

Students took time to celebrate their successful drive with lunch and some music provided by a DJ brought in by Northern Indiana Student Hunger Drive, the nonprofit that organized this project. 

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