NorthWood, Penn students net National Merit Scholarships

Adam Darr from NorthWood is the only student at an Elkhart County school who received a scholarship in awards announced Wednesday, May 7. Three Penn students also received scholarships.

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 12:02 p.m.

No one is surprised that Adam Darr won a National Merit scholarship, least of all NorthWood Principal David Maugel.

"The first time I met Adam was when he entered our building as a freshman," Maugel recalled. "He came up to me and introduced himself as the valedictorian of 2014."

Darr is the only student at an Elkhart County school who won this scholarship, according to the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Three Penn students also won.

Darr is one of NorthWood's valedictorians this year, Maugel said, and though the senior would likely describe himself as "an academic geek" Maugel cautioned that he is much more than that.

Besides significant achievements in academics, Darr also plays saxophone in the school's marching band.

"He’s someone we are all going to hear about in the future, because he’s that talented," Maugel said. "He has a drive to him that makes him successful."

From Penn, seniors Alberte Eskildsen, Emily Song and Seungyup Sun also won scholarships.

Steve Hope, principal of Penn, said he is very proud.

"(These students) are wonderful people and dedicated scholars who epitomize the standard of excellence that we strive to achieve at Penn High School," he said.

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