Some Elkhart County schools are below state average on passing the IREAD test

The state department of education released 2014 results on Tuesday, April 29. 

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 10:25 a.m.

One way the state measures school performance is by giving a reading test to all Indiana third grade students.

Statewide, 85.58 percent of students passed the IREAD test in 2014. 

Here's how many students passed the test locally this year, according to results released from the Indiana Department of Education on Tuesday, April 29.

  • Goshen 78.4 percent
  • Elkhart 78.8 percent
  • Concord 79.6 percent
  • Baugo 84.6 percent
  • Middlebury 89.2 percent
  • Wa-Nee 92.2 percent
  • Fairfield 93.3 percent

Here's how many private school students passed:

  • St. Vincent de Paul 91.3 percent
  • St. Thomas the Apostle 97.2 percent
  • Clinton Christian 100 percent *
  • Elkhart Christian 100 percent
  • St. John Evangelist 100 percent

* — Clinton Christian's results were not reported by the IDOE because the number of students taking the test was too small, according to the state. However, Michele Vigil, a director at the school, said that 100 percent of Clinton students who took the IREAD test (nine students) passed.

Four local public schools are below that state average: Goshen, Elkhart, Concord and Baugo.

A Concord school official noted that all third grade students must take the IREAD, even if they recently came to the district. 

Concord had a number of third-graders who started with the school district just a week before the IREAD was administered this year, according to Bryan Waltz, director of elementary curriculum. 

"The results do reflect who tested at Concord, (but) they do not truly reflect the results that Concord’s teachers have achieved," Waltz said in an email on Tuesday. 

He also noted that Concord students had some technical difficulties during testing. 

"It's our hope that a passing referendum will allow us to update student computers so that test results will be more valid," Waltz said in his email. 

Fairfield third graders had the highest passing rate out of all Elkhart County public schools, an achievement that a school official credited to a new reading curriculum and the hard work of staff. 

Elkhart students have improved each year since IREAD testing started in 2012, Elkhart schools spokeswoman Shawn Hannon said. 

"We are very pleased that Elkhart students are demonstrating proficiency at a higher rate than the past two years," she said.

Three private schools had a 100 percent pass rate: Clinton Christian, Elkhart Christian and St. John Evangelist. 

Private schools generally have far fewer students taking the test because of the size of the school. For example, just nine Clinton Christian students took the IREAD this year, compared with the 1,033 Elkhart Community Schools students who took the test. 

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