Students in local districts are going to school longer to make up missed days

Students coming back from spring break are starting longer days, at least in some school districts. 

Posted on April 11, 2014 at 4:57 p.m.

Starting Monday, April 14, some kids in Elkhart County will have longer school days.

Three area districts — Concord, Baugo and Goshen — are extending their school days for the rest of the year to make up for days canceled during the winter.

Concord is adding the most time to each day. Schools will start 20 minutes earlier and end 40 minutes later than usual, for a total of one additional hour.

When Concord surveyed parents and staff about a makeup plan, 59 percent said they would like to add time to the school day, while 34 percent wanted to extend the school year.

Goshen students will be in school just 10 minutes longer each day — with five minutes added to the beginning of the day and five minutes at the end.

Baugo students will start 20 minutes earlier. Superintendent Jim DuBois said teachers came up with this plan on their own, inspired by other local districts that had done the same.

Middlebury schools started doing longer days March 10. Elementary students are in school 17 minutes longer than usual, while high school students have a 20-minute longer day.

Fairfield started a longer day March 17. Students are starting 10 minutes earlier and ending 20 minutes later. 

Elkhart is regaining some time by canceling Wednesday early release days for the rest of the year starting April 16. Students had been leaving 45 minutes early every Wednesday to give teachers time to collaborate, but that time will now be spent on instruction.

Wa-Nee is not extending the school day to make up time. Instead, extra days will be added to the school year.

Several schools are using April 18, which is Good Friday, as a makeup day. Districts doing this include Wa-Nee, Middlebury, Baugo, Elkhart and Fairfield.

Goshen and Concord students will not be in school on Good Friday.

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