New IDOE system measures teacher performance

Goshen, Concord, Wa-nee and Baugo schools reported to the state which teachers were highly effective, effective, in need of improvement and ineffective. See the results. 

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 4:02 p.m.

There's a new way for Indiana residents to learn how teachers perform in the classroom.

Under a 2011 law, school corporations are now required to report teacher effectiveness ratings to the Indiana Department of Education.

"This is the first time we've done this," Daniel Altman, IDOE spokesman, said on Monday, April 7, after the ratings were released.

Three local school districts — Elkhart, Fairfield and Middlebury — did not report ratings for the 2012-13 year because they are under a teaching contract that was in place before state law changed in 2011.

Goshen schools reported that it has 114 highly effective teachers, 440 effective teachers, four teachers who need improvement and three teachers who are ineffective, according to the IDOE data.

Baugo schools reported no highly effective teachers, 110 effective teachers, one teacher who needs improvement and no teachers who are ineffective. 

Wa-Nee schools reported 15 highly effective teachers, 173 effective teachers, one teacher who needs improvement and no teachers who are ineffective.

Concord schools reported 125 highly effective teachers, 189 effective teachers, 10 teachers who need improvement and three teachers who are ineffective. 

Each school corporation can evaluate teachers using its own evaluation method, Altman said. 

Concord's plan, according to information from the school, includes provisions throughout the school year for evaluators and certified personnel to dialogue about progress being made in the classroom and with students.

"In the event that progress is not satisfactory, evaluators and teachers create a professional development plan to work towards improvement," said Renee Cocanower, director of instruction for Concord. 

Of the three Concord teachers whose final ratings were ineffective, two aren't working for the school corporation anymore and one has completed the professional development plan and has shown improvement, Cocanower said. 

Teacher effectiveness ratings will be reported annually by the state department of education. The complete rankings can be viewed on the Indiana Department of Education's website


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