Elkhart Co. schools scrambling to make up missed days

Some area children will be attending school a few extra days to make up for recent snow days. 

Posted on Jan. 28, 2014 at 10:55 p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 28, marked the seventh snow day this year for some local school corporations. Even with the state's offer of waivers for two bad-weather days, schools still need to make up five of those missed days. 

"Currently, we have five days to make up from January, which we will do the first week of June," said Steve Thalheimer, superintendent of Fairfield schools. "With the unusual weather Indiana has experienced, the IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) is looking at ways to allow make-up to take place, so additional guidance should be coming from the state."

Daniel Altman, spokesman for the state department of education, said Tuesday that it's too soon to say whether the state will offer any more help to schools struggling to finish the school year in time.

"I don't want to speculate on options right now," Altman said. "We are only part of the way through the winter now."

He said that the department is monitoring weather across the state and talking to school superintendents.

"It (bad weather) obviously puts an extra challenge there for teachers and administrators…that’s why we are talking with schools throughout the state to find out what we could offer in extra support," Altman said. 

Concord students will be doing five makeup days -- on May 30, June 2, June 3, June 4 and June 5 -- and the district has taken the state's waiver offer for two of its missed days. 

Wa-Nee schools missed seven days this year too, and students already went to school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- Jan. 20 -- to make up one of those days, according to Superintendent Joe Sabo. 

Other makeup days for Wa-Nee will be Feb. 17, April 18, May 28, and May 29. The district accepted state waivers for two of the missed days. 

Elkhart schools said last week that it would not apply for state waivers for two snow days at the beginning of January. 

Superintendent Rob Haworth said in a statement that “the most important part of our calendar is providing students with 180 days of instruction.”

Elkhart students will makeup missed days on March 24, April 18 and May 9. Other makeup days have not yet been announced. 

Representatives of the Goshen, Baugo, and Middlebury school districts were not immediately available to comment on makeup days on Tuesday. 


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