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This undated photo shows a morning view of South Main Street in downtown Elkhart. (Dan Spalding/The Elkhart Truth)
Website ranks Elkhart in top 15 small cities in Indiana
Posted on May 2, 2014 at 6:31 p.m.

ELKHART — The city of Elkhart is being touted among the top 15 best small cities in Indiana.

The article by lists Elkhart No. 12 in its list. Much of the Elkhart summary highlights tourism opportunities.

Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore offered the following thoughts:

"It is always nice to see and hear about your community in this light. We are truly the “city with a heart.” We are indeed what they say we are. Friendly and creative. A city of great people, entrepreneurs, contributors, creators and innovators and workforce second to none. We lived through the worst downturn that many of us have ever lived through and survived to live with the greatest recovery as well. That says a lot about us. As noted Elkhart does indeed offer an eclectic, artistic atmosphere that is seldom duplicated. Elkhart continues to be recognized as one of the best places to live work and play."

Cities Journal rankings
1. Carmel, population 79,191
2. Valparaiso, population 31,730
3. Rensselaer, population 5,859
4. Chesterton, population 13,068
5. Muncie, population 70,085
6. Danville, population 9,001
7. Plainfield, population 27,631
8. Avon, population 12,446
9. West Lafayette, population 29,596
10. Kokomo, population 56, 866
11. Crown Point, population 27,317
12. Elkhart, population 50,949
13. Zionsville, population 14,160
14. Delphi, population 2,893
15. Richmond, population 36,812

The story also got a nod from the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce president Kyle Hannon, who said on Facebook "If you don't live here, you should give us a try."

Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman posted the story on Facebook despite his city's absence: "Hmmm ... Do we have to pay to be on the list?"

The Elkhart summary spotlights the strength of the Amish on tourism and added: "In a surprising advantage over the other towns that make up Amish Country (Goshen, Shipshewana, Middlebury, Nappanee, Bristol and Wakarusa), Elkhart offers an eclectic, artistic atmosphere that you won’t find elsewhere."

Two aspects stood out about the list, both of which were topics of debate on the website's commenting section. Most glaringly, the cities are all essentially in the northern half of the state. The other point of concern for some readers is the vast differences in size among the lists of "small" cities. The smallest were Delphi (population 2,893) and Rensselaer (5,859). Elkhart, with 50,949 people, was the fourth biggest behind Carmel (79,191) and Muncie (70,085) and Kokomo (56,866).

The website seems to delight in posting rankings about cities from various states and also appears to enjoy some non-traditional rankings such as Top 11 Cities With The Most Democrats and Top 15 Reasons Dallas Is Better Than Houston. Among the reasons that makes Dallas better? Lots of rich people, according to the article.