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How many Elkhart sewer fee holdouts are there?

Those customers face news challenges if they continue to buck the system, including having their services shut off.

Posted on March 5, 2014 at 11:20 a.m.

ELKHART — The city of Elkhart released new figures on the number of Valley View holdouts and other residential customers who have refused to sign a new sewer agreement for more than 13 months.

City officials, through letters and the media, have repeatedly urged customers to sign the new agreement, which now includes the lower compact fee of $35, down from $50. The threat of cutting off service has been made numerous times.

On Saturday, March 1, Mayor Dick Moore made it clear in an article for The Elkhart Truth that the city is prepared to cut off service and that there will be no further warnings.

Below are some figures that help underscore the sense of frustration the administration has for the holdouts. The statement was prepared by Laura Kolo, utility services manager for the city, and released before Moore's comments.

"There are nine residential properties that have not signed a pre-annexation agreement. Five of these nine are in Valley View. All are being billed the pre-annexation fee.

Of the nine, three are paying and six are not paying. Of the three that are paying, all live in Valley View. Of the six that are not paying, two are in Valley View. Of the six that are not paying, they are chronic non-payers and are not paying any portion of their utility bill; water or sewer or pre-annexation fee."

Kolo said the six customers who are not paying any portion of their bill will see a lien placed on their property and the city will file suit for the water portion of their bill and the pre-annexation portion.

She added:

"If this procedure does not get their attention and understanding as to their obligation for accepting the service, the service will be discontinued."

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