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In Indiana, 117,761 Obamacare marketplace insurance enrollees would potentially be impacted by Wasington, D.C., court ruling

Two courts offered contradictory rulings on whether enrollees may tap federal subsidies to help cover health insurance costs.

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 4:01 p.m.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

In the wake of today’s contradictory rulings on Obamacare, here are a few numbers specific to Indiana I culled from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports:

  • As of March 31, the end of the enrollment period for 2014, 132,423 people in Indiana had signed up for health plans via the Obamacare marketplace (look here at page 34). Of that total, 117,761 had selected plans with financial assistance (14,662 without) (look here).
  • The number in Indiana deemed to have been eligible to enroll in a marketplace plan totaled 229,815, with 155,961 of those potentially eligible for government subsidies to help cover insurance costs (look here at page 39).

Look here and here for more information on the federal court rulings in question. A Washington, D.C., court said federal subsidies for marketplace coverage may only be provided in states that set up their own marketplaces while a Virginia court deemed no such restriction.

The feds manage the marketplace in Indiana, thus the 117,761 who selected plans with financial assistance would potentially be impacted by the Washington, D.C., ruling, losing their subsidies.

Here are a few more Obamacare numbers:

  • Of the Indiana enrollees whose race/ethnicity is known, 80.6 percent were white. Another 10.1 percent were African-American, 4.8 percent were Asian, 3.2 percent were Latino, 1.1 percent were multiracial and 0.2 percent were American Indiana/Alaska native.

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