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Living at crash-prone section of S.R. 120 takes a toll — two damaged cars, five barbecue grills, peace of mind

See video of the damage left inside the house after the most recent accident, probably the most dramatic.

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 5:31 p.m.

Here’s a partial tally of the cost for the Lang family of living along busy S.R. 120 at a bend west of C.R. 17:

  • Two cars — bumped, bruised and damaged
  • Five barbecue grills
  • Their home’s front door
  • Peace of mind

I met with Maria Lang and her family last week (here’s the resulting story) after a wayward auto crashed into one of their parked cars, shoving the vehicle into the entryway to the house. Scroll down to see a video of Maria and some of the damage.

It wasn’t the first time there’s been a mishap there. Not by any stretch. The combination of the slight curve and the home’s proximity to S.R. 120, aka Jackson Boulevard, has resulted in many, many mishaps and the list up above of casualties.

Last winter, her son, Daniel Kent, helped pull numerous cars from a nearby embankment after they slipped off the roadway while going too fast. No damage to the house, but kind of a nuisance.

The landlord, David Fore, said an earlier accident ruined the home’s porch and another somehow damaged the underground septic system.

Then came the June 11 crash, probably the worst, which left the front door bashed in and the living room in shambles. Maria, who sent a plea to the public to be careful when driving near her home, says the family’s financial situation has kept them from moving.

Husband Jerry — who was waiting on hold on the phone when I visited, dealing with bills related to recent open-heart surgery — was of a different mindset.

"I think we’re going to move,“ he said.

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