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A few ducks stand in a shallow area of Cobus Creek near Dave Gunn's house Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Gunn is concerned that a proposed sewer plant in Ontwa Township, Mich., which will discharge into the creek will alter the balance of the creek for fish and wildlife. (Jennifer Shephard / The Elkhart Truth)
'Save Cobus Creek' movement gaining grassroots support in Elkhart County, Ontwa Township
Posted on March 31, 2014 at 8:03 p.m.

Monday March 31, 2014

The grassroots movement against the planned sewage treatment plant just across the state line in Ontwa Township, Mich., seems to be growing.

Two groups have risen up against the plans: Save Cobus Creek, based in Elkhart County, and Save Our Resources and Environment, or SORE, based in Edwardsburg, Mich. To see the Save Cobus Creek Facebook page, go here. Go here for the SORE Facebook page.

What's more, the groups are advertising two upcoming meetings to discuss the plans and gather more information. Save Cobus Creek reps are to meet Wednesday to discuss their efforts, now and in the future. SORE is promoting attendance at a meeting of the Ontwa Township Board on April 14 as an opportunity to sound off on the issue.

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The planning for the sewer plant, an effort of Ontwa Township officials, "has been going on behind closed doors for the past 2 years," says a flier on the SORE Facebook page promoting attendance at the April 14 meeting (see the accompanying screen grab of it). "You must attend this meeting and let them know this cannot and will not happen!"

According to the Save Cobus Creek Facebook page, group members have met or talked to reps from Elkhart Community Schools and Elkhart County government, among others. The SORE Facebook page calls on those worried about the plans to call reps from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and includes contact info.

The Elkhart Truth wrote about the issue earlier this month and other media seem to be latching on to the matter as well.

The Ontwa Township plans call for construction of a sewage treatment plant southeast of Edwardsburg that would discharge treated sewage into Cobus Creek. Elkhart County residents living along the creek worry about the impact to the waterway, though an Ontwa Township rep has downplayed the concerns.

A big environmental battle appears to be brewing. Stay tuned.

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