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The Cass County ballot will have four proposals on May 6, 2014. (Jennifer Shephard/The Elkhart Truth)
Cass County ballot will have four proposals

Posted on May 4, 2014 at 11:44 a.m.

Four proposals will be on the May 6 ballot in Cass County, with voting precincts open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. The proposals are:

Edwardsburg -- Shall the limitation on the amount of taxes which may be assessed against all property except principal residence and other property exempted by law, be increased by 18 mills ($18 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) for the year 2014 to provide funds for operating purposes for the Edwardsburg Public Schools. The estimate of revenue if approved is approximately $1,795,430. This is a renewal of millage which expired in 2013. Voters vote at the Ontwa, Jefferson and Milton Township halls.

St. Joseph County ISD -- Shall the current charter limitation on the annual property tax rate for the education of students with a disability in St. Joseph County Intermediate School District be increased by .2946 mill ($0.2946) on each $1,000 of taxable valuation for 20 years, 2014 to 2033. Estimated revenue to be collected if approved is approximately $633,488. Voters vote at precincts in St. Joseph Township, Mason Township, Porter Township and White Pigeon.

White Pigeon -- Shall the White Pigeon Community Schools in both St. Joseph County and Cass County borrow the sum of $1,675.000 to acquire, install and equip school facilities for technology, partial remodeling, to furnish and refurnish, equip and re-equip school facilities for technology and security purposes and to purchase school buses. Voters vote at the St. Joseph County Township Hall.

Marcellus -- Shall the Marcellus Community Schools borrow the sum of $12,875,000 to erect, furnish and equip additions to and remodel, furnish, refurnish, equip and re-equip school buildings, acquire and install instructional technology in school buildings, purchase school buses, develop, improve and equip playgrounds and sites. Voters vote at the Marcellus Township Hall, Volinia Township Hall and Newberg Township Hall.