Elkhart and Concord school referendums: everything you need to know for the 2014 primary

One of the biggest ballot questions for some voters in the May 6 primary is whether to approve the referendums.

Posted on May 3, 2014 at 2:45 p.m.

Both Elkhart and Concord school corporations are asking people who live in their district to vote for an increase in taxes in the May 6 primary. 

The schools have released wish lists detailing what they would do with the money. But local residents may wonder exactly how much more in taxes they might have to pay if these school referenda pass.

Each referendum directly affects only property owners, since the extra money for the schools would be coming from additional property taxes.

According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau information, 72 percent of homes in Elkhart County are "owner occupied." The median home value in the county is $120,700.

Indiana's Department of Local Government Finance has an online calculator that property owners can use to figure out how much they will pay for specific school referendum situations.

Elkhart's wish list

- Elkhart Community Schools hopes to use referendum money for:

- Safety updates to all school buildings (door locks, more cameras, remodeling of some "open concept" classrooms).

- Repairs and maintenance to buildings and grounds.

- New buses to pick up more students, eliminating the 2-mile walk zones and long bus rides.

Concord's wish list

- New buses, and flexibility in bus routes

- Repairs to school buildings

- Field trips paid for by the school

- Enough staff to maintain appropriate class sizes









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