Primary elections 2014: Unopposed candidates include Brad Rogers, Joe Zakas

May 6 is less than a week away and many races are heating up. But some races aren't really races at all. Many candidates are running unopposed.

Posted on May 1, 2014 at 8:32 a.m.

While political races continue to heat up as the primary election draws near, there are plenty of candidates on the ballot running unopposed.

All candidates listed filed as Republican. As long as unopposed candidates gain at least one vote and Democrats don't slate a candidate later on, they'll likely take the position.

Unopposed candidates include:

  • State Senator, District 11: Joe Zakas, Republican, is seeking re-election. He was first elected to the chamber in 1982.
  • State Representative, District 49: Wesley Culver, Republican, was first elected to this position in 2008. The district represents the Eastern portion of Elkhart County.
  • Judge of the Superior Court 1: Evan S. Roberts, Republican, was first appointed in 2005 and was elected to a full term in 2008.
  • Judge of the Superior Court 5: Charles Carter Wicks, Republican, has served since 2009.
  • Prosecuting Attorney: Curtis T. Hill, Republican, was first elected in 2002.
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Wendy Hudson, Republican, was first elected in 2010. The county clerk acts as secretary to the election board.
  • County Sheriff: Brad Rogers, Republican, was first elected sheriff in 2010. He joined the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department in 1987 and became division commander in 2004, according to his bio.
  • County Assessor: Cathy S. Searcy, Republican, was first elected assessor in 2006. 
  • County Council, District 1: David Foutz, was first elected in 2007. He's liaison to the Park Board, Youth Services and Redevelopment Commission.
  • County Council, District 2: Randall (Randy) D. Yohn, was first elected in 2007. 
  • County Council, District 3: Darryl Riegsecker was first elected in 2011. 
  • County Council, District 4: David L. Hess was first elected in 2011.
  • Concord Township Assessor: Kristin Rowe
  • Baugo Township Trustee: Katherine A. Weaver
  • Benton Township Trustee: Richard G. (Dick) Longcor
  • Cleveland Township Trustee: Kathy Gordon
  • Clinton Township Trustee: Toni Miller
  • Concord Township Trustee: Mark Grabill
  • Jackson Township Trustee: Tom Lantz
  • Jefferson Township Trustee: James (Jim) Weldy
  • Locke Township Trustee: Peggy Hunsberger
  • Middlebury Township Trustee: Gordon Nusbaum
  • Olive Township Trustee: Linda A. Hartzell
  • Union Township Trustee: Robert H. McLean
  • Washington Township Trustee: Beuford H. Lee
  • York Township Trustee: Christine J. Artley


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