House hopeful Miller touts importance of cooperation between business, education sectors

The candidate backs vouchers and thinks cooperation between business and education is important.

Posted on March 8, 2014 at 2:39 p.m.

ELKHART — Indiana House hopeful Doug Miller backs educational vouchers and says education would be a priority for him as a lawmaker.

"Like every parent, I have always wanted what was best for my children. I don't ever recall, however, a time when the government knew my kids better than my wife and me," the Republican said in a statement Thursday, March 6. "I am a strong advocate for choice and I want all Hoosiers to be able to use their hard-earned tax dollars to fund the educational process as they see fit."

The state's educational voucher program, approved in 2010, lets parents of eligible children apply state funds that would've gone to public schools toward tuition for the children at private schools instead. Some critics worry vouchers hamper public schools.

Miller, one of three Republicans vying for the District 48 post in the Indiana House, also touted the importance of cooperation between the business and education sectors, with the aim of luring new business to the state and encouraging Hoosier kids to remain in Indiana when they finish school.

"As a parent and grandparent, I recognize the importance of young Hoosiers being able to stay near their families and to continue to call Indiana home. That will only happen if leaders in economic development and education pursue similar goals," Miller said. "The key is to have our graduates ready with the necessary skills to entice business and industry to locate here."

Miller, who runs a home construction business, said he recently met with area school superintendents to hear their ideas. Aside from the state's economy, the Miller press release said, education would be his top priority.

Rep. Tim Neese holds the District 48 spot, but he's not seeking re-election.

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