GOPer Walorski edges Democrat Bock in contributions in U.S. House race

Still, Walorski, the incumbent, has a much larger war chest factoring donations from earlier reporting periods.

Posted on Feb. 3, 2014 at 5:21 p.m.

GOP U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski narrowly edged Democratic hopeful Joe Bock in contributions in the fourth quarter of last year in the 2nd District U.S. House contest.

In total receipts, Bock surpassed Walorski in the three-month, October-through-December period, but only because of a $30,000 donation he made to his campaign, according to Federal Election Commission campaign finance reports, due last Friday, Jan. 31. Meanwhile, Walorski, vying for her second term in the post, still had a commanding lead in available funding as of Dec. 31, more than $600,000 compared to less than $200,000 for the Democrat.

Dan Morrison, another Democrat running for the post, hadn't filed a campaign report as of the deadline. He didn't formally register his campaign committee with the FEC until Jan. 28.

Here are some highlights from the finance reports:

  • Donations to Walorski: Walorski reported $174,868 in contributions in the fourth quarter of 2013, including $118,333 in individual contributions and $56,534 in committee contributions. Another $4,450 in transfers from other campaign committees and $987 in operating expenditure offsets brought her total receipts to $180,305.
  • Walorski's cash: She reported $90,613 in net expenditures in the three-month period, leaving her with $625,647 in campaign funds as of Dec. 31, much of that generated from earlier reporting periods. She reported $901,254 in receipts for all of 2013.
  • Donations to Bock: Bock, who formally filed his candidacy paperwork on Oct. 31 last year and publicly announced his plans to run on Nov. 3, generated $173,420 in contributions, $156,120 from individuals, $12,100 in committee contributions and $5,200 in candidate contributions. The $30,000 loan — made on Dec. 31, the last day of the period, according to Howey Politics Indiana — boosted total receipts to $203,420.
  • Bock's cash: Bock, an administrator and instructor at the University of Notre Dame, reported $21,513 in net expenditures and ended 2013 with $181,907 cash on hand.

Names of individual contributors to either campaign weren't yet available on the FEC website as of Monday.


In announcing his bid for the 2nd District post, which covers Elkhart and St. Joseph counties and all or parts of eight other north central Indiana counties, Bock cited concern with Walorski. He's zeroed in on the 16-day federal government shutdown last year, which stemmed from the push by GOP House members, including Walorski, to tie dismantling of Obamacare to a resolution to keep the government funded.

Bock, a former state lawmaker from Missouri now living in South Bend, has the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which promotes Democratic U.S. House candidates.

In response to queries about her candidacy, Walorski, who served three terms in the Indiana House, has said her focus is on creating jobs and keeping the economic recovery on track.

Morrison unsuccessfully vied for the 2nd District seat in 2012, losing in the Democratic primary that year to Brendan Mullen, who eventually lost to Walorski.

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