Indiana House hopeful Bujalski touts firearms education

GOPer Adam Bujalski thinks gun education, not banning of firearms, is the proper response to gun violence.

Posted on Jan. 31, 2014 at 5:49 p.m.

Indiana House hopeful Adam Bujalski sounded a strong pro-gun rights message, saying the response to gun violence, including incidents in Elkhart, shouldn't be banning of firearms.

“People forget that a gun doesn’t shoot itself. These recent tragedies ... both in Elkhart and across the Midwest are so sad, but proper firearm training and education is the answer to these issues, not banning firearms to law-abiding citizens,” he said in a statement Thursday, Jan. 30, without singling out any shooting in particular. Bujalski, a bank branch manager from Elkhart, is vying as a Republican for the District 48 House seat, which covers much of northern Elkhart County, including northern Elkhart.

In underscoring the import of gun education, Bujalski cited the example of his son, who has been through two firearms safety courses, all before his 10th birthday.

"Our Second Amendment is a right granted to all citizens, and just like any right, American citizens also have personal responsibilities that go along with it," said the statement. It went on, saying "new laws or regulations are not the answer to gun violence, however firearm education is something that everyone should take advantage of."

Bujalski is running for the seat now held by GOP Rep. Tim Neese, who won't seek re-election.

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