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Breathe easy shirt

The South Bend Uniform Company has already sold thousands of the shirts, and owner and Mishawaka police officer Jason Barthel plans to design more shirts with the phrase.

J. C. Lee

Posted 2 hours ago
Chicago mayor's teenage son mugged near family's home, has phone stolen
Posted 1 hour ago
AP source: US asks for China's cooperation as it weighs response to Sony cyberattack

Posted 2 hours ago
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Here are some of the latest developments regarding the US-Cuba relationship
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How President Obama spent Day 1 of his holiday vacation in Hawaii
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Man wanted in Oklahoma kills self during police chase, causing crash that injures couple
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4 teens die in fiery head-on crash in Pennsylvania; 1 car lands upside-down, other splits in 2
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3 killed in Southern California car crash while on way to funeral in Mexico
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Among 2014's notable deaths: 2 who reshaped lives after violence, and stars who died too soon
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Ebola, enterovirus, errors: Experts say 2014 was not the best of times for public health
Posted at 2:37 p.m.
In year of calamity and conflict, top news raised tough questions that defied resolution

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