Indiana Republicans may make same-sex marriage ban official party platform

Penciled in language states “we believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society.”

(J. Tyler Klassen / The Elkhart Truth)

Posted on June 6, 2014 at 7:53 p.m.

The Indiana Republican Party convention is being held this weekend in Fort Wayne. The primary purpose of the convention is to vote on the new Republican treasurer and to vote whether the definition of marriage should remain a permanent part of the party’s platform. 

The candidates for Republican treasurer are Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold, Don Bates Jr. of Richmond and Kelly Mitchell. 

All eyes and ears were on the Committee on Resolutions as it was asked Friday to decide to keep the language that states that the Indiana Republican party supports only calling the union of one man and woman a marriage. Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann said that a move to remove the language was out of order during the committee. The issue will be discussed later in the weekend. The platform will dictate the official goals of the party for the next two years.

The penciled in language that may become permanent states, “we believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society.” The smoldering of the HJR-3 fires this year led to this addition. No definition of marriage was in the document in previous years.

Adam Bujalski, candidate for Tim Neese’s seat (R- Elkhart) in the fall voiced his support of keeping the definition. “I am happy with the final wording,” said Bujalski. “It allows us to go into the direction of civil unions where we will have to go in the future.”

Bujalski felt that the tone of majority of the convention agreed with him on keeping the language. After talking with local lawmakers, he seems to be right.

Sen. Carlin Yoder (R-Middlebury) weighed in as well. “I support traditional marriage I always have and always will,” said Yoder. “Republicans stand for traditional marriage, we always have. We need to stand strong.”

"The compromise language seems like a fair statement," Sen. Joe Zakas (R-Granger) added. ”The proposal includes recognition of the importance of the marriage bond between a man and a woman. This bond has been honored and encouraged by societies and governments throughout human history in order to ensure they have a future and to promote stable family life."



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