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Readers chimed in on social media about snow-clogged traffic lights during Wednesday's winter storm, marijuana legalization in Indiana and three other stories.

Posted on March 15, 2014 at 10:52 p.m.

Here are the five stories that got the most attention from our readers. All quotes appear in their original form and have not been edited.

Snow-covered LED traffic lights were a problem during most recent snowstorm

Heavy, wet snow covered the lenses of traffic lights around Elkhart County during the most recent snowstorm, making it difficult for drivers to see what colors they were flashing. Here's what some of our readers said on Facebook and our website:

Jason Moreno: "I'm still at a loss as to how anyone could approach a light that they can't read and not stop for it. No one would ever cross their fingers and fly through one that has no electricity going to it."

Alyssa Yutzy: "I came across 3. I assumed I wasn't the only one that couldn't see it and stopped at each one to make sure I was safe. I can't believe (well, I can) that people wouldn't use their Driver's Ed 101 in these cases. Be safe."

Gretchen Conner: "Oh Yeah, lets be concerned over the cost of operating traffic lights over the life of citizens! Nice statement from a public official."

Driver blames snow-covered traffic lights for Elkhart fatal crash

The driver involved in a fatal crash on Wednesday said he couldn't see what colors the traffic lights were flashing because there was so much snow on them. Here's how readers responded to that story on Facebook:

Renee Gilligan: "It is INCREDIBLY difficult, because the light DOES LOOK GREEN. I was driving on Capitol in Mishawaka Thursday and I thought that maybe the light was red, even though it didn't look red..the police car next to me wasn't slowing down either, I decided to come to a stop (which I felt dumb for because I had a HUGE LINE of traffic behind me)..but LUCKILY, when I stopped so did all the other lanes because there would have been a pretty sizable accident"

Mark Myers (in reply to Renee Gilligan): "Best comment on here. I was pretty skeptical and agree too many are loath to take responsibility. I drove pretty slow through some snow covered lights that day, and snow made some still hard to read even on the next day! The new lights do not generate enough heat to melt snow like they did a few years ago. Now that I think of it, the green lights may seem to show up a little more sometimes. And it can be troublesome being the only one slowing down on a slippery day. Lots of factors here."

Paez family awaiting deportation decision by immigration official

Armando Paez and his family are waiting to hear back from immigration officials about whether they'll be granted another stay of deportation. This is what our reader's responses were on Facebook and on our website:

Randy: "Chances are that the Paez family are from a country that has been destabilized by several industrialized countries and are now asking to stay in one of them because their country is now a social basket case. We owe them citizenship, we destroyed the place where they lived when they were younger and then felt they needed to flee from."

Laura Woolley: "They have willfully, repeatedly broken the law. We need to stop picking and choosing when it's okay or not okay to enforce the laws and just enforce them...that's why they were created."

Erin Baier Hartman: "The Paez family are wonderful people. They were originally political refugees who fled from a corrupt regime in Colombia. Their attempts to keep their visas current were thwarted when a lawyer took their money, but did not file their visas as promised. They have contributed to our community for the last 15 years. They value hard work, education, community, and freedom--the very things we,a nation of immigrants, hold dear. They deserve a pathway to citizenship. Period."

State lawmakers split over marijuana legalization

Indiana Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, said we should legalize marijuana for the revenue. Indiana Sen. Carlin Yoder, R-Middlebury, said marijuana would be not healthy for families and society. Here's what our readers had to say about the topic on Facebook and on our website:

Tim Lamborn: "Make it legal and regulate it like alcohol. Focus on the real issues like synthetic drugs, meth and crack that people make in their homes and cars."

Goofy Goof: "Governments have done such a perfect job with alcohol by keeping drunk drivers off the road, what could go wrong with legalizing pot?"

Rick Verde: "Of course it should be legalized! Look, the war on drugs is a horrible failure. I am not saying hard core drugs should be legal. I am saying the amount of money spent arresting and locking people up for pot is a complete waste of our tax dollars."

Comcast says worker in Goshen is legit

Concerned neighbors contacted police on Tuesday about a man going door-to-door, claiming to be a Comcast employee. Well, it turns out that he really was a Comcast employee after all. Here's what readers said on Facebook:

Judi Snobarger: "I feel bad that this man's livelihood has been put in jeopardy. When he spoke to us he was not threatening at all. If you are worried, just don't open your door."

Kris Harshberger: "Why wouldn't Comcast call their customers and let them know that someone is coming around asking questions or doing maintenance. Irresponsible!"

Phil Good-Elliott: "Asking for a cell phone photo of any salesperson might be one way to test their integrity."


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