HJR-3 is dead until at least 2016

While proponents of HJR-3 hoped for a change that would re-add a civil unions ban to a proposed constitutional amendment, an HJR-3 sponsor announced today they didn't have the votes to make that happen.

Posted on Feb. 13, 2014 at 3:49 p.m.

With a single tweet, HJR-3 was quieted for the rest of 2014.

In an anti-climactic turn of events, the Indiana Senate did not offer any amendments on Thursday to a controversial proposal that would ban gay marriage in Indiana's constitution.

About 20 minutes before the proposal was read for the second time on the Senate floor, Mike Delph, one of two sponsors of the legislation, tweeted, "HJR3 second sentence is officially dead in the 2014 IGA. Not enough support to reinsert it on 2nd reading."

It means the proposed constitutional amendment will not appear on the November 2014 ballot as some state politicians, including Gov. Mike Pence, had hoped.

The "second sentence refers to the proposal's original language and would have constitutionally banned civil unions as well as gay marriage. The ban on civil unions was removed from the HJR-3's language by the Indiana House of Representatives in an earlier vote.

Re-adding it would have given proponents of HJR-3 another chance to get the proposal in front of voters on the November 2014 ballot. 

The proposal now will go to the Senate for a vote in its current text. If passed, the earliest time voters would see HJR-3 on a ballot would be 2016. If the Senate doesn't pass it, the proposal dies.


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