LaGrange County Sheriff's Department warns of phone scam offering lower credit card interest rates

    Scammers have called several area residents using fake caller IDs, offering to lower credit card interest rates.

    Posted on July 30, 2014 at 7:36 p.m.

    The LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department has warned residents of a phone scam that offers lower credit card interest rates.

    Several area residents received calls from scammers using the fake caller ID, ’Hawk Bail bonds’, at 260-463-3990. Scammers can also display the name of a familiar caller ID. Upon answering the phone, a prerecorded message from a person calling herself ‘Rachel’ offers to lower your credit card interest rate.

    The Better Business Bureau reports that the scammer then sets up a three-way call with the resident and the credit card company to request a rate reduction. Any cardholder is able to do this for free, but the scammer charges between $495 to $1,595 for this service.

    If the message plays, the sheriff’s department advises residents to not press any of the buttons that ‘Rachel’ requests and to not provide any personal information. They also suggest letting calls go to voicemail and calling back if the voice sounds familiar.

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