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Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana warns of local computer, credit card scams

The Better Business Bureau has received reports of two scams circulating in Northern Indiana.

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 3:47 p.m.

The Better Business Bureau has received reports of two scams circulating in Michiana.

The first scam involves a caller claiming to be a representative from Visa or MasterCard, according to a report from the Elkhart Truth’s news partner, WNDU.

The caller tells the victim their card has been flagged for an “unusual use pattern” and asks them to verify personal information.

The caller also asks the victim to provide the three-digit security code from the back of the card to prove they still have it in their possession.

“The real Visa or MasterCard would never ask for anything on the card because they already have this information since they issued the card,” Dreama Jensen, a Better Business Bureau spokeswoman, told WNDU.

Jensen said consumers should tell the caller they will call back and hang up. They should then call the phone number listed on the back of the credit card if they are concerned about fraudulent activity.

The second scam starts as a pop-up advertisement that appears on a victim’s computer that says “Warning: your computer is infected, system detected two potentially malicious viruses,” WNDU reports.

The message tells the victim to call a tech support representative at a toll free number.

Jensen said she saw the ad herself and recognized it as a scam. If a user clicks on the ad, they could be unknowingly downloading a virus.

To report a scam, contact the Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana

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