Elkhart firefighter promoted to position of fire inspector

Lt. Aaron Gerber is filling in the position left vacant after chief investigator Rob Smith retired. 

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 6:57 p.m.

ELKHART — The Elkhart Fire Department is promoting a firefighter. 

At the Elkhart City Board of Public Safety meeting Tuesday, April 22, Assistant Chief Shaun Edgerton told the board members the fire department recommended they approved the the promotion of Lt. Aaron Gerber to the position of chief inspector-investigator. 

Gerber is filling the position that was left vacant when Chief Investigator Rob Smith retired in September 2013. Gerber has worked with the fire department for nine years.

Gerber has been working to educate himself in different areas of the fire department, according to the written recommendation that was given to the board members. He has 17 state certifications including paramedic, hazardous materials technician, instructor, fire officer and investigator.

Fire Chief Mike Compton said in a statement that Gerber has what it takes to be a leader in his new position. 

"Lieutenant Gerber has been an ideal employee; he has great people skills, and works through tough problems with a positive attitude," Compton said in the statement. 

The board approved Gerber's promotion to chief inspector-investigator.

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