Officials investigating drug case involving Concord Township Fire Department

"Narcotic" drugs were allegedly tampered with, according to a report filed with the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department.

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 11:36 a.m.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department is investigating a report of possible tampering of drugs that were in the care of the Concord Township Fire Department.

The summary of a Feb. 21 report filed by IU Health Goshen Hospital with the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department states that narcotic vials in the care of a local fire department "had been tampered with." It said the contents of the vials had been possibly "removed without authorization."

The IU Health Goshen filing was classified as a "Larceny-theft" report, and Capt. Jim Bradberry of the sheriff's department confirmed that the local fire department involved is the Concord Township Fire Department. The Concord Township Fire Department, which serves the unincorporated areas of Concord Township, provides paramedic services and operates three ambulances, in addition to providing fire protection, according to its website.

Bradberry wouldn't provide any other details, citing the incomplete and ongoing nature of the investigation.

"At this point, our investigators are still investigating that case," he said. It's "too early to release any details on that."

Art Wager, IU Health Goshen director of marketing, declined comment on the matter "because it is related to on an ongoing investigation."

Likewise, Mark Grabill, the Concord Township trustee, declined comment, but he said a closed-door "administrative hearing" is set for April 15. Without tying it directly to the IU Health Goshen report and using the legal language required in publicly announcing such things, he said the gathering is scheduled to receive information on an employee's alleged misconduct.

IU Health Goshen Hospital's apparent involvement in the matter is unclear. But hospitals sometimes provide the drugs used to stock ambulances.

Meanwhile, the Concord Township Fire Department, operated under the auspices of Concord Township government, is operating at full staffing level, with 47 full-time, part-time and volunteer employees, Grabill said. The fire department is headquartered at 23625 C.R. 18, just southeast of Elkhart.

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