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Bomb threat keeps New Paris kids from walking home

Posted on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:15 p.m.

NEW PARIS — School administrators decided not to allow New Paris Elementary students to walk home Monday afternoon after police received bomb threats.

Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers wrote in a post on Facebook that his department on Monday, Feb. 24, received "non-specific and generalized bomb threats for New Paris."

The threats did not give a location, time or date or mention schools, Rogers wrote.

According to Fairfield Community Schools Superintendent Steve Thalheimer, administrators at New Paris Elementary were notified of the threat about an hour before students were to be dismissed.

"The (sheriff's) department was investigating and without specific information at hand as we were preparing to dismiss, we felt we would not release walkers into town without knowing anything more certain," Thalheimer wrote in an email Monday evening.

Thalheimer said school administrators have not been lead to believe the threats are credible, but they will continue to exercise "increased vigilance" as students arrive and leave school.